Application Screening Criteria

1. Income Ratio: Combined income of all applicants shall be greater than three times the rent.
  • Total Monthly Income > 3 x $750 (total income > $2250 / month.)
2. Income Source: All sources of employment and non-employment income shall be legally obtained and verifiable.
3. Income to Debt Ratio: Housing and utilities shall not exceed 35% of total income. Installment debt payments shall not exceed 35% of total income. If applicant does not have installment debts, income to debt ratio for housing up to 50% may be permitted.

  • Total Monthly Income * 0.35 > $750 + $100 water/sewer + $100 electric (Income > $2700 / month, installment debt < $950 / month)
4. Housing References: The applicants shall provide information necessary to verify current and previous rental history for the past five years.
5. Credit Worthiness: Credit worthiness may be determined from a credit report that should reflect prudent payment history. Applicant’s history should be free of evictions, judgments, collections, and bankruptcies. A valid explanation may be considered by the owner/agent if provided by the applicants.
6. Limitations: Occupancy may not exceed two persons per bedroom. Smoking is limited to outdoors and garage. Parking is limited to two vehicles. Pets require approval. The owner will allow aid animals or modifications to the unit necessary to assist those with disabilities.
7. Arrests and Convictions: Arrests and/or convictions may be evaluated. Any individual whose occupancy could constitute a direct threat to the health or safety of other individuals or could result in physical damage to the premises will be denied.
8. Demeanor and Behavior: The behavior and demeanor of the applicants during the application process will be considered.
9. Incomplete, Inaccurate, or Falsified Information: Any information that is incomplete, illegible, inaccurate, or falsified may be grounds for rejection or termination of the rental agreement upon discovery.

Variance Policy: Failure to meet the application screening criteria, as stated, may be grounds for:
1. Denial of the application, or
2. If a co-signer is accepted, such individuals(s) will also be required to meet the screening criteria, and/or
3. Payment of additional security deposits.

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