Applicant Screening Disclosure

1.  Before submitting a rental application for consideration, it is advised that the applicant(s) review the written screening criteria.  If there are questions or need of clarification, please call us at 541-745-5252.
2.  All portions of the rental application must be completed in a manner that is legible, verifiable, and accurate.  If necessary, provide additional information or explanations on a separate sheet of paper.
3.  At the time the application is submitted,  an applicant screening fee of $30 will be charged for each applicant 18 years of age and older to cover the costs of verifying and/or obtaining information.
4.  The application screening will be processed by the owner/agent and TransUnion LLC (
6.  The applicant screening fee is non-refundable and is collected by TransUnion upon application.
7.  Subject to the accuracy and completeness of the information provided on the rental application, the applicant screening includes the following:  Verification of information from current and previous landlords, verification of income, consumer credit report, and information from public records which may include a history of civil and/or criminal records.
8.  If your application is denied based in whole or in part on information received from a report received from a tenant screening service or consumer credit reporting agency, the applicant(s) shall be notified of the fact at the same time of the denial.  You will also be notified of the name and address of the tenant screening service or credit reporting agency if it from that disclosed above.

Actions on Rejection:
If your application is rejected due to information received from a credit check or professional screening agency, you should:
1.  Contact the supplier of the information whose name and address will be provided.
2.  Correct the incorrect information through the supplying agency.
3.  Request the credit company or screening agency to send a corrected credit check to the property at which you applied.
4.  Upon receipt of the corrected information, if the unit is still available, your application will be re-evaluated and processed.  The unit will not be held off the market while this process is completed, but it is to the applicant's advantage to correct misinformation being made available to landlords for future applications.

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